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Bearsden Cross Church - Magazine

The Bearsden Cross Church Magazine 'Word from the Cross'

Our church magazine, called 'Word from the Cross' is published every month, as a printed paper version and online via this website. It is distributed to members of the church. If you like you can 'sign-up' to receive a reminder by email when a new issue is added, get in touch with the office - or email the Church secretary 

To view the magazine from the main link your browser needs to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. If the link to the issue you want works then you already have it, If not then for further help, go to Adobe or if your browser does not support use of Flash then you can try the link to the ordinary PDF version below.

Current Issue

Current Issue of Magazine

June 2019

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If you  want to download an issue the site allows an off-line version to be saved; look for the Options menu when you are viewing the magazine.

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