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current edition of the church magazine available.

Note: If you ordinarily receive a printed copy of the magazine but are able to access the magazine online via the website please let the Church Office know by e-mail:

At present we are not able to print & distribute copies in the usual way but we will nevertheless endeavour to deliver copies to those who are not online.

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Opening of Bearsden Cross Church for Worship on Sundays
This document (Word 'docx' format) gives details of the present arrangements around Sunday worship. This is in line with Scottish Government (SG) and Church of Scotland guidance and gives details of how to 'reserve' a place at worship. Due to the physical distancing requirements the numbers are limited, to thirty-six or so.

Online worship continues alongside 'in-person' worship at 10.30am each Sunday.
The online provision can be accessed through the church’s Facebook page with links on the website.

No-one should feel that they have to be physically present at worship at this time but everyone is welcome.
Please think carefully whether you or someone in your household group are in a particularly vulnerable category by reason of health and/or age. If you are, then you may decide that coming to worship — even taking stringent precautions may be too risky.
To help you decide, the Church of Scotland recommends that you use the guidance in this assessment tool (pdf).

We are following the advice from the Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland.

• Reserve your space through the Office, giving your name, telephone number, and email address if you have one. Phone the Church Office (0141 942 0507) between 10am – midday on Thursday and Friday for that coming Sunday. If we are oversubscribed for the coming Sunday you will go on to the list for the following week.
PLEASE NOTE: The Office remains closed to visitors at this time.
• Arrive at the church around 10-15 minutes before the service.
• Follow hand hygiene protocols.
• Wear a face-covering (if necessary, we can provide this).
• Follow our physical distancing arrangements.
• Refrain from singing during the service.
• Stay at home if you have symptoms of COVID, or if you are self-isolating.
• Stay at home if you feel that you or someone you live with is particularly vulnerable to COVID.

On line streaming
pnline video stream
Our weekly act of worship streamed on-line continues to be our main service provision. As explained in the September issue of the magazine further information as well as details of the booking process are provided here (word document 'docx' format).

The streamed services are on our Facebook page at 10:30am on a Sunday morning and are available thereafter for you to catch up later.

Look for the Videos 
tab where all of these are available.

online image

Service from Sunday, September 20th

Please note that the service itself this week starts, after some information screens, at 7min 45s into the video. Unfortunately this week the sound is a little out of sync with the video this week. It is not something we've encountered before and it is being explored and we hope will be resolved for next week.

Summer Reflections on Philippians 4:8
Summer Reflections

You can 'catch-up' the past videos on our Facebook page on the series of reflections over the summer on Philippians 4:8 

'Pray for ...' or 'Thank you for ...'
Prayer Tree: As mentioned by the Minister you can now send an email to with heading 'Pray for ...' or 'Thank you for ...'. The Minister will then see that  these are hung on our Prayer Tree.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
In accordance with government advice issued on Monday 16th March and a request issued by the Church of Scotland on Tuesday 17th March about physical distancing and the need to minimise social and religious gatherings Worship on Sundays has had to change.

Bible Class, Funday Sunday and the Saturday Night Club are cancelled, as are all other activities
based at the church or in our halls. Meanwhile there are virtual meetups for the young people on social platforms.

Scottish Government information is here. Follow its 'News' link for details of changes.

Upcoming church events see below, look at the calendar or check out the latest via our magazine page.

General Assembly 2019 - Radical Action Plan

For a summary see Life & Work

For a report on the Kirk Session discussion held on 23rd October 2019 see here.

For More  on the services together with other events see below, also viewable as a calendar or check out the current issue of our parish magazine.