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current edition of the church magazine available.

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On line streaming
pnline video stream
We are now streaming on line a weekly act of worship.

These are via our Facebook page at 10:30am on Sunday morning and are available thereafter for you to catch up later.

Look for the Videos 
tab where all of these are available.

The first was our last conventional service held on Sunday, March 15th.

online image
The most recent is from Palm Sunday, April 5th 

"The donkey plays a humble but vital role."

Please note the service itself starts around 3min 44s into the video.

This week the minister is planning to post, via our Facebook videos page, video reflections on Maunday Thursday April 9th and on Good Friday April 10th, both at 7:30pm & available after to catch up.

Please join us on line if you are able on Sundays at 10:30 am or at anytime to catch up later.

Cancellation of Services & Church based activities

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In accordance with government advice issued on Monday 16th March and a request issued by the Church of Scotland on Tuesday 17th March about physical distancing and the need to minimise social and religious gatherings Worship in church on Sundays has been cancelled.

Bible Class, Funday Sunday and the Saturday Night Club are also cancelled, as are all other activities
based at the church or in our halls.

Scottish Government information is here. Follow its 'News' link for details of changes.

Letter from the Minister to members of the congregation at this time here.

Upcoming church events see below, look at the calendar or check out the latest via our magazine page.

Part-time Cleaner required
The Church is seeking a part-time cleaner. Details are here, if you know of anyone who might be interested. please let them know.

General Assembly 2019 - Radical Action Plan

For a summary see Life & Work

For a report on the Kirk Session discussion held on 23rd October see here.

For More on the services together with  other events see below, also viewable as a calendar or check out the current issue of our parish magazine.