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Word from the Cross
current edition of the church magazine available.

Note: The best way to get the most up-to-date issue of the magazine is online from the magazine page.

If you are still receiving a printed copy of the magazine but can get it online then please let us know that a printed copy is not needed. You can do this by e-mail:

We still endeavour to deliver copies to those who cannot get it online but at present we are unable to print and distribute by the usual means.

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You can view any of the previous services via Facebook

Bearsden Cross Church is open for 'in-person' Worship on Sundays

The Church is open for 'in-person' worship please see below for arrangements & booking details.
The arrangements are subject to review by the Scottish Government.
The online provision via Facebook will of course continue.

Summer 2021 ‘Travels with Paul’

Travels with Paul

It looks as if most of us will be unable to travel abroad in the coming months, and so the Minister would like to offer you a ‘Mediterranean Cruise’ with Paul over the summer weeks instead!

Over the course of these weeks we will reflect on the life of Paul and the letters he wrote to the Christian communities in Philippi, Thessalonica, Corinth, Ephesus, Galatia and Rome. We hope this will give you an insight into Paul’s thinking, and his desire for the growth and right living of these fledgling faith communities.

27th JuneWho was Paul?
4th JulyPhilippi
11th JulyThessalonica
18th JulyCorinth
25th JulyEphesus
1st AugustGalatia
8th AugustRome
15th August'Travels with Paul' - what is his legacy?

Summary of worship arrangements:

Online worship will continue alongside 'in-person' worship at 10.30am each Sunday.
The online provision can be accessed through the church’s Facebook page.

For 'in-person' worship, everyone is welcome! But no-one should feel that they have to be physically present at worship at this time, and should feel comfortable in doing whatever is best for them health-wise.

We are following the advice from the Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland.


• Reserve your space through the Office, giving your name, telephone number, and email address if you have one. Phone the Church Office (0141 942 0507) between 9:30am – 11:30am on Thursday or Friday for that coming Sunday. If we are oversubscribed for the coming Sunday you will go on to the list for the following week. Please let us know if you are in a household grouping, or if you have special requirements in terms of the 'loop system', mobility, etc. PLEASE NOTE: The Office remains closed to visitors at this time.

• Arrive at the church around 10-15 minutes before the service.
• Follow hand hygiene protocols.
• Wear a face-covering (if necessary, we can provide this).
• Follow our physical distancing arrangements.
• Refrain from singing during the service.
• Stay at home if you have symptoms of COVID, or if you are self-isolating.
• Stay at home if you feel that you or someone you live with is particularly vulnerable to COVID.

Online Sunday worship continues at 10.30am each Sunday and can be accessed through the church’s Facebook page.

Above all else, please continue to know God's peace in these difficult times. This is not forever. You can continue support the congregation and the community in prayer at home, in church, and indeed anywhere. For, to quote the hymn, “the Church is wherever God’s people are praising.” Stay safe and healthy. God bless,

PLEASE NOTE: The Office remains closed to visitors at this time.

Details around Church re-opening (118kb download)
This PDF has further details of the arrangements around Sunday worship that are summarised for you above.

Online streaming
pnline video stream
We are continuing to stream a weekly act of worship online.

From Sunday 21st February we started a series of services for Lent, see below for details.

The streamed services are on our Facebook page at 10:30am on a Sunday morning but are also available thereafter for you to catch up later. Whilst Facebook will encourage you to 'sign up', this is not necessary to view the services.

Look for the Videos
tab where all of these are available.


If you know of anyone who does not have Internet access then please let them know that we also offer recordings of the services on DVD or on a USB memory stick.
For a DVD or USB stick then please contact the Minister on 0141 942 0507 or by email at or the Church Secretary at

Dial A Sermon

If anyone you know is unable to access the Internet, and does not have the equipment to play a DVD or a USB stick, then why not suggest that they try our phone service?

You can dial in at a local rate number to hear a recording of the sermon each week.

Simply dial 0141 483 7770 and the sermon will play automatically.

'Pray for ...' or 'Thank you for ...'
Prayer Tree: As mentioned by the Minister you can now send an email to with heading 'Pray for ...' or 'Thank you for ...'. These are only viewable by the Minister who will then see that these are hung on our Prayer Tree.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
In accordance with government advice and that issued by the Church of Scotland about physical distancing and the need to minimise social and religious gatherings Worship on Sundays has had to change.

Bible Class, Funday Sunday and the Saturday Night Club are cancelled, as are all other activities
based at the church or in our halls. Meanwhile there are virtual meetups for the young people on social platforms.

Scottish Government information is here. Follow its 'News' link for details of changes.

Upcoming church events see below, look at the calendar or check out the latest via our magazine page.

For More on the services together with other events see below, also viewable as a calendar or check out the current issue of our parish magazine.