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Word from the Cross
current edition of the church magazine available.

Note: If you are able to access the magazine online via this website please do so. If you are still getting a printed copy of the magazine please let us know that this not now needed, by e-mail:

At present we are not able to print & distribute copies in the usual way. However we will nevertheless endeavour to deliver copies to those who are not able to get it online.

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Due to the recent application of Level 4 to our area the Church will not be open for in-sanctuary worship. At present this applies to Sunday 22 & 29 November and Sunday 6 December. If you are able please join us for the on-line worship.

Online streaming
pnline video stream
We are continuing to stream a weekly act of worship online.

The streamed services are on our Facebook page at 10:30am on a Sunday morning and are available thereafter for you to catch up later. Please note that whilst Facebook will encourage you to 'sign up', this is not necessary to view the services.

Look for the Videos
tab where all of these are available.

Christmas 2020

Christmas is different this year, and this also extends to our worship programme over the Advent and Christmas period. The restrictions on the numbers allowed at public worship, the inability to sing carols, together with the worry over whether we will be in Level 3 or 4, mean that we will have do things differently and creatively this year. See the church magazine for more details.

Here is an outline of the plans for worship over the coming weeks, of course this may be change. We look forward to sharing in the season of Advent and Christmas.

Sunday 6th December 10.30am Morning Service (Online only)

Sunday 13th December 10.30 a.m. Morning Service (booked in-person and online)

Sunday 20th December
10.30 a.m. Family Service and Funday Sunday Nativity (booked in-person and online) Led by our young people.

Thursday 24th December – Christmas Eve

6.30 p.m.Family Christmas Service
(Online only) A light-hearted service for all ages.
11.30 p.m. Watchnight Carol Service (Online only) Have a candle ready to light at midnight

Friday 25th December – Christmas Day
10.30 a.m. Christmas Day Family Service (Online and Zoom) Children bring their presents

Sunday 27th December
10.30 a.m. Morning Service (Online only) Led by the Moderator, Rev Dr Martin Fair.

Sunday 3rd January 2021
10.30 a.m. Morning Service (booked in-person and online)

Preaching the Parables

Over the coming weeks the Minister will continue to preach each week on the parables that Jesus told.

10 th Jan. Matt. 13:3-23 The Sower
17 th Jan. Matt. 13: 24-30 & 36-43 The Tares
24 th Jan. Matt. 13:31-35 Mustard Seed + Yeast
31 st Jan. Matt. 13:44-46 Hidden Treasure + Pearl
7 th Feb. Luke 10:25-37 The Good Samaritan

ParablesA parable can loosely be defined as “a story with a meaning” and we might also say that the stories that Jesus told were “earthly stories with heavenly meanings.” The series began in late September and will run throughout the coming months, with the exception of Advent and Christmas.

It is hoped that you will find this series to be interesting and illuminating.

Bible Basics
In tandem with preaching the parables of Jesus each week, The Minister will continue the Bible Studies (not too deep!) on these parables.
These will be fairly accessible to people as the texts are familiar, but perhaps some of the deeper meanings and allegories are not. As we are unable to meet for these in person at the present time I will run these Bible Studies over Zoom – a way of people joining together by video from the comfort of their own home. Details are all in the current magazine.

'Pray for ...' or 'Thank you for ...'
Prayer Tree: As mentioned by the Minister you can now send an email to with heading 'Pray for ...' or 'Thank you for ...'. The Minister will then see that these are hung on our Prayer Tree.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
In accordance with government advice and that issued by the Church of Scotland about physical distancing and the need to minimise social and religious gatherings Worship on Sundays has had to change.

Bible Class, Funday Sunday and the Saturday Night Club are cancelled, as are all other activities
based at the church or in our halls. Meanwhile there are virtual meetups for the young people on social platforms.

Scottish Government information is here. Follow its 'News' link for details of changes.

Upcoming church events see below, look at the calendar or check out the latest via our magazine page.

General Assembly 2019 - Radical Action Plan

For a summary see Life & Work

For a report on the Kirk Session discussion held on 23rd October 2019 see here.

For More on the services together with other events see below, also viewable as a calendar or check out the current issue of our parish magazine.